Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Marina One - The Best Option For New Business

Searching for an ideal place for your new business? Then Marina One Residences is a great choice. This project will become the main business center of Singapore and will be completed by the year 2022. It will be located in the Marina South area along with a total floor area of 400,000 sq. feets having a great layout of retails, high-class residences, and also offices. Marina One will certainly become the piece of attraction for both business and also residential purpose. Its ideal future will be shown by great investment which is done by owners for resident’s convenience. $60 billion is the expected expense for the finalization of this building. It'll be one of the top modern residential and business centers in the world.

This excellent building is a well planned layout for residences and businesses. Attractive and conducive atmosphere are the chief features of Marina One Residence. Marina One is the areas to get pleasure from if you are here. It's the most engaging location and rarely forgotten by visitors as well as residents. This site will also provide you the chance to feel the most historic features including waterfront promenade, as well as parties. In this building you will also find marvelous expertise of interior decorators. Marina one Residence will be a center point for Singapore's market. It is separated into several other luxury residential which comprises of 65% office spaces having a 25 storey office sections. 24/7 service will be available in this building.

The huge property offers the chance to business, play and live a good life. Regarding residential and business purposes, Marina One Residence buildings are built to the recent scientific creativity. Marina One Residence has a rich blend of historical past having won prestigious 3 awards in recognition for 2012 Best High Rise Architectural. Their well-trained experts with great knowledge are working very hard to ensure the success of this renowned real estate. Their infrastructural services such as roads make the place easily accessible equally for pedestrians and motorists. A lot of trees help to make the area amazing and also rich in fresh air. You will get an opportunity of prosperous business if you are planning to invest here. Such residences have attracted people from not only Singapore but even from the different parts of the entire world For living and also for business offices, Marina one is the best site. All of their facilities present the best environment that will help you grow financially. Marina One structure is planned depending on the customers needs and the latest technology. The ideal to live a comfortable and peaceful life will be completed by this project. In 2020, the site will convert Singapore into a well-known centre for residential and business reasons. Be a part of the future by selecting to invest or live in Marina one residence and you'll never possess remorse.

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